Project reports

Information on the ICARE4EU project

Policy Briefs


eHealth for people with multimorbidity: Results from the ICARE4EU project and insights from the "10 e's" by Gunther Eysenbach

The following articles will be published in Health Policy in 2018 and are now already available online:

Two articles are published in Eurohealth, in which the background, aim and first results of the ICARE4EU project are described.

A presentation on the possibilities of eHealth to support the delivery of integrated care for older people with multimorbidity, which was held at the Aging & Society: 6th Interdisciplinary Conference in Norrkoping (Sweden) in October 2016

Country factsheets
In five Country Factsheets first insights from the ICARE4EU project regarding integrated care programmes for people with multimorbidity are provided. These factsheets provide information on multimorbidity programmes and the policy context in Finland, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Case reports
The Case Reports provide information on innovative examples of multimorbidity programmes which were selected from our database. The presented cases were reviewed in depth during site visits that occurred in the first half of 2015.

State-of-the-art report
The State-of-the-Art report provides an overview of innovative programmes and approaches in Europe to address the challenges of care provision to people with multimorbidity. Information will be provided on various characteristics of integrated care programmes for people with multimorbidity that have been identified in 31 European countries.